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Kingman Hammer modded with a double-feed detent and vert air - $50

Throwing up my Kingman Hammer today. This marker plays great with the mods and changes I've made but I'm hoping to generate some cash for a higher-end open class gun (I'm trying to pare down to two markers). Prices include US shipping, Canada will be a little more.

(that black spot is the detent; works great, even with tiny paint)


- Powerfeed Kingman Hammer
- New internals/spring
- Trigger frame cut/tapped to mount an ASA
- Euro Grip
- Converted to vert air using an adapter on the backbottle
- Body and frame drilled for a Spyder "finger" detent to prevent double feeds
- Red dot sight on the rail
- Ammo Box clone that fits perfectly in the feedneck, no elbow needed
- Spare internals and detent

Known Issues:
The body is pretty scratched/dinged up but this gun operates perfectly (in true workhorse fashion).

Price: $50 Shipped, partial trade for occluded or red-dot optics
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