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Originally Posted by ripdisc View Post
are pools that huge of a pain? we have a huge yard been considering one but I do hear bad things about them pretty often...
It simply comes down to the maintenance you are willing to afford for upkeep. There are also many different types of inground pools that require different maintenance. Enough so that you would be doing yourself an injustice to rely on anyone's experience to direct you in a decision.

For instance, some pools designs require draining some of the water from the pool when winterizing; fiberglass drop-in designs must be kept full to prevent upheaval. My father in law has gotten it down to where he is able winterize his pool himself, saving a couple hundred a year.

Best invention ever; he cut the knob off of one of those tiny aluminum bats to use as the pool cover installation tool. Slip the handle of the bat through the cover's hoop, set the hollow handle end over the pin, pry up and push the hoop down with your foot. When you remove the bat, the hoop will be hooked to the pin. Easy peasy.
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