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These larger companies can make good quality stainless barrels sure with the right tooling I can bore them too. Remember this though, every instance of a stainless barrel was quite a bit more expensive than the same model in aluminum. SS boomsticks cost more than AL boomsticks, SS freak backs cost about 70 when AL cost 50. using dye as an example again the CF/SS boomstick costs 160 an AL cost about 120. This is because of the wear and tear on the tools and machines. And these are companies that can call up a tooling company and say we want to do this (making a barrel in this case) make us a tool that will last as long as possible. And when the company comes back at a unit cost of 2000 to increase productivity 5%. Dye would not bat an eye. I ,on the other hand, am on a shoe string budget compared to a major manufacturer. Every bit of the money I make from boring I dump back into my machines and running costs and tooling or developing new products. So when people ask me to take almost double my time for only a couple bucks more is not a desirable market for me and does not make business sense. If I thought their was a market for 80 boring jobs I might open up for it but I just don't think its there.
I understand what you're saying. So I think you should tell us what you're charging, we tell you if we would pay that much, if not why. If its a price point people have trouble with then you can lower your price and have high demand if you think it's worth it, if you don't think it is I bet someone else will and take care of all the customers you turned away.
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