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first I would not call anything you are talking about to be a "scenario".. too easily confused with what the majority of players think of as scenario games (hundreds of players, sponsors, 24 hrs etc)..

Here are a few ideas you may enjoy.. (I call these recball games.)

Kick the can w/ toxic avenger twist.
3 defenders. 6 traffic cones nearby. objective: keep cones standing.
8 attackers. 1 attacker has a mop.
objective: the attacker with the mop has to knock over all cones in a certain time frame to win.
give each team endless spawn around 150ft away from the cones and in opposite direction of each other. adjust numbers as needed but maintain ratio.

Hot Date...............w/ a shot gun start
tell everyone to put 25 rounds in their hopper. no more. no pods.
get a plushie - the bigger the getter - female if possible. .. we call her "Lindsay"
put Lindsay in a structure to start the game (call it her home)

break everyone into two man teams and place them in a circle 120' in diameter around the house.

Put your gun on the ground.
take 5 steps back.
on the first horn you run.
on the second horn you shoot.
you cant touch Lindsay until the second horn.
the objective is to take Lindsay on a hot date to X .. and pick a spot around 100 yards away from home where there are a number of obstacles in the way or on a section of the field that never gets played.

spawn: endless spawn for everybody 150ft away from date objective.
pacts and alliances are ok.
forming new teams is ok.

School Bus............
get 5 plushies and a raft that can hold them.
sprinkle the plushies around a nice defendable location.
ratio 3 defenders vs 8 attackers.
objective: the attackers drive the bus (the raft) to take the kids (the plushies) to school .. the funny thing is watching grown men using the raft for cover.. like a tank.
add spawn rules and a time limit to taste.


Monsterball ...................
Get a bright neon nerf football.
Put it in a defendable structure.
Add 1-2 monsters to defend it.
break everyone else into two teams.
objective: get football, take to X. (make X a location on the field that never gets played enough.)
throwing/kicking football is ok.
start both teams where neither has a real advantage getting to X.
add spawn and time limit to taste.

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