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I got this method from Mike Deep.

Take a speedlight, set the exposure to 30 seconds on a tripod, and manually pop the flash off at different locations around the photo to control the shadows. I use a piece of large poster board with foam board as a tool to bounce the light around.

Take a piece of glass and stick it under the marker and you'll get a reflection that looks great.

I prefer to use a more low-key style but that's just me. I made a light box out of PVC a while back and stretched a muslin around it and I use a seemless paper roll as the back drop. I can pop speedlights around manually through the muslin and get really soft light.

To get that super high key look you want, just over expose the background with a speedlight.

I did photoshop that shot a little bit, but the whole point of that shoot was to try and perfect this method. I actually use a bed sheet that I lit up with a speedlight.
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