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Donut's assorted sniper and cocker misc, also rtr buzzard feed

2K+ prostock PRICE - $120
  • Drilled for eblade
  • Won't come with frame screws. If I find some I'll throw it in there.
  • Will come with the eblade (E1) and front block and assorted accessories
  • comes with a black backblock and a techt backblock
  • add stiffi autococker bolt - $OLD!!!!

CCM Lightweight Pump kit PRICE - sold
  • Very good condition
  • Listing as used anyway
  • Drilled for AT
  • 2K+ spec

Black Benchmark Slider PRICE - sold
  • Has blue trigger shoe
  • No frame screws
  • No beaver tail
  • Dye Grips Included

Eclipse Swing Frame PRICE - $OLD!!!
  • Stickies included
  • frame screws not included
  • no pitting
  • light wear is to be expected

RTR Buzzard feed PRICE - $70
  • Polished clear
  • not glued
  • for buzzard with collar

Extra Barrels

Eclipse - $15
Proto - $10
Dye tip (14") - $25
  • Bore sizes are unknown

Normal MCB rules. Please post before pm, I'm trying to stay organized . Shipping to US and Canada is on my dollar, of which the prices are USD. International orders are on your dime.
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