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CCM S5RF - Factory Dust Blue 1 of 1

Hello, unfortunately I have to put this amazing gun up for sale. I've only had it for a month but need the money. I'm firm on the price as it is what I paid for it.
It is a CCM S5RF. Only 60 were made. Out of the 60, all were dust black except for 3. 1 dust white, 1 dust red and 1 dust blue.

Also included:
-Dust black cram and jam
-Dust black CCM drop forward and dust black CCM low pro feed neck (not pictured. I paid $60 for both but am only adding $25 to the price I paid.)

Pictures below are from the seller I purchased them from. I can provide my own pictures and video of gun shooting per request. (His pictures and camera equipment are awesome so I figured I'd use his)

Sold to Apoc 101

Thanks for looking

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