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I like round-robin because it lets every team play everyone else in their bracket. I mean, with 10 teams you play 45 sets of 3+ games. That's a lot of paintball! But with 5 teams you go from 45 sets to 10 sets. Still plenty-o-paintball, but much more manageable.

I had figured that the winner of each bracket would then go to an elimination championship. BUT having several divisions is also pretty cool (I'll admit that it is a better idea).

So IF (big if) we get 20 teams, that means 5 brackets of 4 teams. Once the round Robin is complete (6 sets per bracket), it goes to four divisions A, B, C, and D. Each division then plays another round-robin series of 6 sets.

With 20 teams (which I really doubt), playing once a week each, we'll have 3 months (12 weeks) of league play.

My target field (they have no idea I'm pondering this) has a minimum requirement of 10 players in order to open the field during the week - so 4 teams (or three teams and a "trainer") OR a $300 minimum. Okay... stay with me now. The field won't lose any money (in theory). They want 10 "Rental" players, and they rent A blow-back, with a grav hopper, a tank, a mask, and a harness with three 100-ball pods (sound familiar?). AND the other fields in this area have basically the same rental setup.

Now... If you have to play 12 weeks, that's $360+paint (unless we can convince them to use the birthday party pricing, which would knock $60 off of that...). OR $7,200 (plus paint revenue) for the field over the three month period...

Okay, that makes the field owner happy, but not the players...

I really want my tank back from Hydro so I can go play...
"Sorry, I'm programmed to do that..."

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