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Well, i got to get a good look around the house, the owner was there working on it this weekend. He had removed the chair lift, paneling in the master bed room and just about everything in the bathroom. It will need a roof, i kinda figured on that though, it will give me an opportunity to expand the 2nd floor out to the rear. The position of the tub is in a location where one would have to bend over to stand in it.

The furnace is fairly new (within the last 10 years)and seems to work rather well. The kitchen is large but the ceilings on the 1st floor are low, very low, which means that the cabinets are about 10" over the counter tops, lol. I can stand up in the living room, but my head will hit the ceiling if i try, without standing on toes. Id say its a 6' ceiling. The floor in the master bedroom would need to be redone, it flexes quite a lot and is a bit sketchy at best, which would give the opportunity to raise the ceiling in the living room.

The cellar was actually nice, concrete floors with cinder block walls. The was some signs of flooding, looked like water got to about 6" deep. There is a sump pump in there though, which is probably why it is dry. The finished part is about 12'-15' deep and there is a "door way" leading to where they dug under the house to run ducting for the hvac under the floor. I would like to finish digging it out to the other side of the house, finish it like the rest of the cellar and then put in access to the house so that i wouldnt have to go outside to get down there.

The out buildings were nice. All have electric. The garage is set up like a wood shop right now, it seems that the guy that lived there used to restore steamer trunks before he passed away. The garage has a/c and oil/kerosene heat. I would also like to add onto the garage, making it an "L" shaped building so that i would have room to pull a car in from the driveway and the original area would be where i would be able to work on things or build engines, etc..

The property is larger than it looks, from what the guy was telling me, the property line is at the tree line, but it goes a lot farther down the road than i thought. Aka, i would need a riding mower, lol.

I really like the property, it will need a lot of work, but i can see the potential in it and if i take it one step at a time, it really wont be too hard to get done up nice. Now i am just waiting on word back from the mortgage guy to see if i will be able to even get financing on the house before i make any kind of offer. It might be in worse shape than they are willing to risk financing.....

Wish me luck, lol.
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