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Dench had a good scene in Goldeneye but I feel from a character standpoint her roll was over-expanded for no reason other than the fact that she's a big star. All M is supposed to do is tell 007 what country to fly to after the opening credits and then get out of the way. Now it seems like every bond movie has to have 5-10 minutes of her looking at a computer screen or talking into a cellphone and getting irritated.
i think it's fans' expectations of what every single entity in the lore of james bond is "supposed" to be that ruins the movie for the fans themselves. i went into the theater expecting a good film and nothing more, i walked out pleased.

can you imagine if people complained about dark knight because it wasn't zany like adam west? things change and espeicially now that bond has to become more serious to compete with jason borne. iron man threw the secret identity cliche out the window too. leave all the "supposed"'s at the door and you will enjoy yourselves.
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