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This thread needs a bump. If I were to build a run of m's frames in decent quantity would have to be a starting point. Next up would be a shift in valve placement so you could use an alien valve and bolt. I would pay right to Jack and just build my own so they are up to evm standards. That would be the gun I would want. Viking regulators with alien bolt and valve/ air flow design. Toss in high end ergonomics on the frame and placement of the hpr and you have "the gun to end all gun buying."

I would never have to look at another new marker thread. I would just disappear from the internet and only be found at my local field playing with my precious. Well except to fill orders for the frames of course.

I have thought this over many times. Conclusion I always come to is to just finish and shoot my "last" viking and call it good. EVM is tempting but you might as well start from scratch and just do your own run of markers. But hey you already did that!
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