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AFTER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: The Start Your Own Pump Team Sale

[CENTER]The Start Your Own Pump Team Sale

Sniper #1: The Team Captain $225 shippedPending Locally
The team captain is the seasoned tournament pump player. His Sniper may look plain, but its sweet spotted, tuned and drives tacks. Regulars at the field know that him and his equipment are not to be underestimated.

03 WGP body and lowers
WGP Ergo Reg
DYE 1.5 Hinge trigger
Shockteck Supafly Delrin Bolt
CCM 2kDeluxe Pump kit with White handle
CCM reverse Drop
WGP On/Off
Bob Long Longshot Barrel

Sniper #2: The Seasoned Pump Veteran $175 shippedSOLD
When the Cap started to put a team together, he knew this was the first guy he was going to talk to. The Vet plays pump not just because he enjoys the challenge but so he can play on a modest budget. His sniper might not have all the bells and whistles but it's well taken care of and it's like an extension of his arm.

02 WGP body and internals
Stock WGP reg
CCM 2k+ Deluxe Silver Pump Kit with Clear Blue Handle
Knock Out 16" Barrel

Sniper #3: The Old Gear Revival $150 shipped
The Cap convinced one of the more experienced players on the local electro team to try his hand at a pump tourney. He pulls out his old autococker clone that he bought in the early 2000's and throws a basic pump kit on it. The basic kit is great for him because the return spring keeps the breach closed when the old habits kick in and he holds the reg instead of the pump handle!

Syndicate Jynx body and internals(body is threaded for Angel feed necks)
Stock Barrel
WGP Regulator
WGP 2k+ pump kit

Snipers #4 and #5: The New Guys $170 shipped each BOTH SOLD
Two local young speedballers hear that the Cap is putting a team together. They want to give pump play a shot but aren't comfortable committing to a $500 pump gun. Lucky for them the local store is running a clearance on old WGP stock and is getting rid of 2 Outkast pumps. It's their lucky day.

1 BNIB Light Blue OutKast Sniper(never aired up)
1 LNIB Clear OutKast Sniper(played with once)

I hope you all enjoyed my little embellishments. All of these guns(except for the new outkasts) are shooters, not wall hangers. They have some nicks and defects but the paint flys straight. Every marker has been tested by me and functions to the best of my knowledge. Markers are sold AS IS. Only trades I would consider are CCM pumps. NO ELECTROS. If you have any questions about any of the guns please PM me. I am also willing to talk on the phone with anyone who PM's me if you have a lot of questions.

Thank you for shopping

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