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Originally Posted by Melvin View Post
picked it up from my uncle, he said it was common in his time.

worked awesome with new players on our outlaw field back in the day. we had a much better return ratio after we made it a regular thing
maybe make it a white flag that's synonymous with surrender.

Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
Maybe have a specific colored barrel bag. Since you have to safety the marker anyways when out. Could be as simple as slipping the specific barrel bag over the barrel and waving the gun over the wall of the building or obstacle whatever.
That's why I use a bright *** colored barrel condom. So people know I'm out.

Back to the OP question though. Keep shooting at the people behind him. I know you don't want to over shoot someone that is already out but the players he is protecting are in. Calmly explain it to him if he gets excited over it.
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