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Originally Posted by jcurt455 View Post
If I was in fact making a controlled weapon, witch I am not.
-Are you confident enough in that position to call the ATF and actually ask them directly, yes or no? Are you confident enough in that position to put "JCurt's Paintball Silencer" on the side of each one? Would you be confident enough to list them for sale- as Silencers- in an online store? Would you be confident enough to post finished ones for sale on eBay?

Im not making anything illegal according to the and will be doing everything I can do to make sure they are not.
-The missing word is "law", and yes, actually, you are. The ATF does NOT make any distinctions for airgun silencers unless they are permanently attached to the gun. If it's a loose, separate item, as far as they're concerned it's a silencer.

Again, you- and others- are assuming the ATF will be reasonable and logical and act how you think they're going to act. And not how the ATF has acted, in case after case, for the past thirty years.

The aforementioned Ruby Ridge fiasco basically happened when an ATF informant wheedled the guy, who was living in a shack in the woods and was desperate for money, into cutting a shotgun barrel an eighth-inch shorter than legal. What was it, four people who died in that one?

The ATF is not reasonable. They get to enact their own rules, and get to enforce their own rules. And they have literally thousands of prior cases where they had to modify and hose-clamp somebody's "silencer" to the barrel of a .22 pistol in order to "test" it.

Hell, you're actively ignoring the nearly identical example of BOA. They, too, had no intention whatsoever in making firearm silencers, they were built directly onto paintball-gun-threaded brass barrels, and only advertised to paintball players. They still got raided, charged and fined, and the ATF still confiscated damn near everything that wasn't nailed down.

And again, if you say Crooker somehow changed that, until you can show me where the law has been officially changed, or where the ATF has issued an official ruling about the change, then it has NOT been changed.

Laws are here to protect us too. Just because they can bust in dosnt mean its right or they will get away with it.
-Except they HAVE gotten away with it. Thousands of times. My aforementioned anecdote about the simple collars that could hold soda bottle or industrial mufflers. The above BOA example which is almost identical to your situation.

The ATF is a Federal office with as much or more power than the FBI, and in most cases, they get to make up their own rules.

"intent" is the big factor.
-Again, BOA. Zero intent, still got raided, charged, fined and shut down. Why do you keep ignoring that? Just because it's "old"? It happened just 15 years go- show me where the law has officially been changed since then.

If I want to make firearm suppressors I can do that legally at work.
-Then do this: Talk to the people at work who handle that kind of thing. And I mean the guy that has to fill out the paperwork and send off for the tax stamps. Ask him what he thinks of you making paintball silencers on your own time.

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