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Originally Posted by sQuidvision View Post
correct me if i am wrong... but isnt the whole deal with rt style valves that the "unregulated" air pressure from the tank is what hits the on/off? If that is not the case what is the difference between the air routes of a classic valve VS an RT valve and why does increasing the tank output pressure increase the re-activeness of the trigger?
You are correct, sir.

There's some stuff on AO for emag pressure (of course), but bottle pressure is applied only for the initial chamber fill, so you will have to be shooting faster than the regular RT cycle just to get it involved with the normal solenoid cycle (not that it's a definite problem). Since the reduction in on/off pressure says the dump chamber is hitting its fill, you should be loosing some velocity beyond that speed.

What rate of fire are you looking at?
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