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Hey guys,

We all like pictures, so I wanted to show you what I got today!! Serial #0014

Huge thanks to Gman and M.A.G for arranging this for me and the MCB discount really makes a difference .

Here is the first unboxing with everything it came with.

Here it is assembled w/ the Air thru tank. I thought the On/Off would be bulky and stick out to much but it's actually very comfy. Mine will be staying on because function is more important to me and it works great!

Here is a close up of the entire assembly

But for those wondering what it would look like w/out the on/off here is that image

notice the stock guide sticking out the back...don't worry, it can be shortened as shown in this picture....actually two separate guides

Here is a shot of the Lapco .683 Rifled barrel

And a sideways picture of the new "locking" mechanism. Two plastic clips that I don't remember from the T4

Here is a shot of the magazines, exactly like my T4 mags w/ the newer co2 tube. you can run these mags w/ just the tops of the tube to save a considerable amount of weight. notice the bottom mag w/ just the threaded top.

and here it is all together

Here is my current setup. Still need a good bi-pod and waiting on my FLASC fake suppressor to come in. probably going to remove the side rails for a little more weight reduction.

and just for laughs here it is with my "over compensating" scope and APR2

Feel free to ask any questions, I'll answer what I can. and Have a nice day

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