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Well, there is no better or worse paintball. Paintball is like sex, it's never bad, even when it's no fun. It is, however, the WHINE FACTOR that would lead me to a "Standard Platform" style of play. IF everyone is using Tippmann 98's it's hard to complain "Those guys had better guns! No fair!". Also, if someone said to me - "Nerd, we're doin' Nelson-Pump only! You in?" I would be in. WHY? Not because it is "better", but because it's a little different, and a little variety once in a while is a good thing (see the comment above about paintball and sex).

That's the only real reason to do exclusionary games - it's a little different and shakes you out of your ruts a little (or to teach new guys how to actually play! Sitting behind a bunker until you get shot is not "playing paintball", kiddies...).

BUT... ALL paintball is now Exclusionary. No full-auto. PSP and NPPL have BPS caps. There are Stock events - and STOCK is nothing but exclusions.

So there ya go.
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