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I work at a field, and for a few months this last summer I actually had an in between guns phase for 3 months (Which is odd, considering I usually have 2-5 guns at a time). So, I pulled off the ref jersey, grabbed a rental marker, played in my jeans and t-shirt, and had a blast.

I'd suggest BUYING a cheap and used low end marker as opposed to renting just for the costs, but getting back to that is just a blast when it really DOES force you to play aggressively not having the accuracy by volume while still challenging you by forcing you to hold back a bit and not bunker a child who's out their first time. The best part is that it puts you on the same level as the first timers where your experience really shines through to set an example that it's not your gear that makes a good player but putting in the effort to make yourself one.
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