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To get this back on track - it started as a loss for words. I would think the threads intention was about the poor conduct of the chap in the video. That being said, yes I agree, poor, reckless conduct. Not to say I didn't do foolish things as a young man. But times are a whole lot different today. Nearly everyone carries a video capable handheld device. I don't know a municipality in the land that wouldn't consider this a violation. That being said we are all stewards of OUR sport. Yes its a sport. One of the great things about it is a level playing field - whether you are over 40 (like me) or a teenager. As stewards its up to us to police ourselves, if we don't we'll have the real police on us which we don't need. My joke about Mustafa was just that a joke, because seriously, between the time he pulled the trigger and the time the ball landed at that distance a pedestrian, a cyclists, a mom pushing a baby carriage, a child chasing a ball - whatever could have come into the effective range of that round. I think my point was well taken. Once you pull the trigger, you have no control, but it is still your responsibility. As a father, a homeowner, a tax-payer and a law-abiding citizen, I don't want to see that stuff on the street. Likewise, some owners of real firearms would say he is putting himself in jeopardy since they may not recognize it as a marker and provide a response to seeing him that may not be favorable to his continued breathing. Our Government is already beyond screwed up with real firearms legislation. Gross recklessness like this gives our government more leverage to regulate paintball - something which we do not need. Stupidity and recklessness do NOT discriminate and are NOT partial to any one culture. Please stop judging based on his nationality, his language, his nice neighborhood and call it for what it is. This is just stupid and reckless.
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