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Ok, had a brainstorm last night and I need you guys to talk me out of it lol....

The idea is basically to mill out the 12g pocket to fit a Palmer's Stabilizer, replace the pierce seal on the stock valve assembly with a 1/8" npt threaded plug and use a short pipe nipple between the two to connect them. Then use hardline or microline out of the side input port of the Stab, through the grip into a CCI bucket changer. These will all of course require other mods to support the idea, but I'm looking at just the meat and potatoes right now. From my initial measurements, it looks like the Stab can fit at the front if I mill out the front and sides of the 12g pocket and would be centered so that the nipple could be used to connect it to the valve assembly.

Then of course other tricks would be required to get it to work on lower pressures, maybe changing out the valve to an LP spyder valve, adding the pictured external volume chamber, etc.

So what do you guys think? Worthwhile idea, or no? I've always been curious what could be achieved out of a regulated LP 12g setup on a blowback poppet valve, and if any significant increase in efficiency/consistency could be had. I may just mock up the components externally and plum them to the gun for testing to see if it's worth doing all the work to package it.
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