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Oh, I should also mention that I do have my own mask, soft gear, etc still. I have used rentals and know they can sometimes not be the greatest, so that is why I wanted some opinions from fellows!
Bought and sold countless markers in my day, but that itch to just PLAY gets too much to handle. I don't want to come off as pretentious or too good to use any 'ol marker. And paying a $10 field and rental fee plus cost of paint one weekend is much more affordable than dropping a few hundo for me right now.
But once I have some cash saved up, I'll be getting yet another Phantom.

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The "expert" as it pertains to our community needs to have a beer in one hand and some food in the other, while sitting on the deck because he was to hung over to answer the bell for actual game play. Maybe he'll make the pump pickup games on Sunday....maybe.
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