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I just got my silver one in right now and I like what I'm seeing so far. One bummer is that my Lapco Cocker to ION adapter won't thread in. The stock barrel threads in, albeit with some resistance at the end. There seems to be some variance in the threads somewhere and my gut feeling is that the threading in the body isn't deep enough for the threads on the Lapco adapter. In the pic you can see the silvering on the first row of threads where it immediately bottoms out and is galled by the breech threading.

Any DIY ideas on how to fix this? Think that sanding some material off my Lapco adapter would help?

Update:: Since I bought the adapter from Lapco directly I just decided to give them a call and see what they suggested. Real cool dudes. They're asking me to send in my gun + stock barrel and they're going to make/mod me an adapter that fits my gun for no charge. Should be quick because they're local to me. Yay Lapco!

Feedback: MCB - Ebay

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