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Ahh, the beast has loosed it's grip on me, so I'm here, at least for a day!

Yikes Fidget! Believe me that once you make it in the gate it's a blast! Come back! Dec 29th is a good game! It's the SANTA & THE REINDEER GAMES, I might be able to scoop you a set of horns!!!

I didn't end up making the Damage Inc anniversary. A replacement I had lined up fell through and so I went and judged a dog test that day. Hard to complain about a day spent on horseback, but I really wanted to go to that game...

Walt laughed as he always does as I brought my box into the Merc shack at TWC.
As I've mentioned before one of the things most important to a pistol player is efficiency.
The goal is to make the most of what you've got. What the 'most' is to you is what counts.
To me the 'most' means team. My style is not about making me individually tougher. Though it sometimes has that side effect it also sometimes causes me to do things that appear downright stupid.
The result for the team is the goal, complementing their action with my particular brand of nonaction.

Efficiency not only matters on the field but off.
If I'm to support my team to the maximum, I have to be on the field with what I need and get myself ready to go again when I have the chance.
To be an equal part of the team, my goal is not to take any longer than the rest to reset and reload, ever. I kept this as a general policy as a solo and in running with the GLR, now as a Merc it's crucial.
Our 20 minute missions during the big game days only leave 10 minutes to reset plus accomplish any other goal I might have, unless I get blasted right away.

So into the Merc shack where everyone has their huge gearbags and kits spread out, I head with my box:

It's the $20 Plano Shell Case Field Box.
The little flip-up lid compartment works great for the small array of tools needed with the TPX.
The handle in the top pull out tray angered me with it's self important 'look at me I lift the whole thing!' behavior, so I cut it out of there with my trusty kershaw military boot knife. I then laid down a piece of tool box liner to cover the hole.
This gives me a flatbottomed tray that sizes perfectly to a 500 bag of paint, what I have on deck at a time. When I'm storing my kit for a while, extra mags fit nicely in the top tray too now that the center handle is gone.
The bottom 12ga shell tray grabs 12 grams and conveniently holds them tip up, so I never mix up and grab empties, it holds 50. There's also room under the paint tray to stick in a pistolpod even when the tray is full of 12ies. Paint, air, reload pod and tools all in a neat and handy package

My gameday routine is pretty simple too. I clean and check my pistols the night before, then put them in their holsters and barrel socks. I load my harness with empty mags also. So when I arrive in the morning I put on my gameclothes and all that's left is to swing by the car, put on my harness and grab my box, quick and simple.

I go to where I'm going to set up, drop my box, strip my harness and load it.

(Balls around the edge of the tray are rejects. Ripping the bag in the center allows me to scoop out a palmful and inspect them by eye before I roll them into the pistolpod. I'm merciless and will throw away 3/4s of my paint if necessary.) (Like at LL5.)

It works well and isn't earthshattering if someone scams it. This simple efficient setup keeps me cooking. I come in from the field, empty my dump pouch of mags onto the table, reload them and pull 12grams to refill my loops. Then I drop my harness on the table and return loaded mags to their pouches. Buckle back up and I'm ready to go.

It's a funny thing about pouches. Their Yin is security, their Yang is accessability. The point of balance is in constant flux, so attempts to pick a pouch based on any frozen snap shot is futile. My criteria with the TiPXs has grown rapidly to mags per inch of belt. The 6o4 pouch wins this battle. The belt rig can be worked from under a raincoat, and once I found the right dump pouch I didn't mind the weakness of the 6o4s, that it was almost impossible to return mags to them under fire.
I'm switching colors and setup to build a better Mercenary Rig.
In the process of doing this I looked at the 6o4 pouches finally with balance in mind. I realized that the external elastic is only needed when you're using it for 3 1911 mags or using it topless, not for doublestack mags or TiPX mags, as with only 2 mags in the pouch the outers are held by the velcro cover or they're gone and the inners have their own elastic.

After removing the outer elastic with some nippers, I've fallen in love all over again. I can now quite easily return mags to them at any point around my not inconsiderable circumference!!!!
This little bit of scissorwork has made them what I consider not just the best TiPX pouch, but the best POSSIBLE pouch for the TiPX.
Unfortunately my new black ones are backordered.

Someone who wanted to, could go for this:

It holds 20 mags and can be worn as a belt or bandolier:
Pistol Magazine Belt for 20 Magazines for double stacked pistol magazines

A great steal at $45, but not quite what I had in mind and a little too hollywood.

My goal has long been been visible right before me. I want to be the guy on the right:

With the Racegun mods on my TiPX, it averages 10 mags before the first co2 mag change and 5 combat fired mags between shortchanges. A longchange at any time fires 10 mags from there...
This and the 20 minute nature of the Merc missions have combined to cause me to plan on taking the field with 1 pistol for the first time since 1987.
The dependability is there, the reproducible volume of fire is there. Even more, the need for ROOM ON MY BELT is there.
My loadout will be loaded Racegun TiPX, 3 spare co2 mags and 24-30 Trufeeds. Additional items to be carried are: Pull through squeegee, RefInPlay Kit, wrist strap of 5 spare 12grams folded for pocket carry and 1 roll Butterrum lifesavers.

Dump pouches stink. The only way to make TiPX mags seem heavy is to hang 20 or so from one point on your belt.
The alternative is dump pockets or loops. I've tried most every possible location and arrangement of loops and pockets and I'm narrowing it down.
The next victim up for testing is the oversized back pocket.
Kitanica's Pant X.a has back pockets that will hold an ipad... However they're also a monument to pseudotactical gimcrack. As are Crye's ironically named combat pants. They've got combat experience! so did the British Redcoat, that doesn't mean it's fit for today's battlefield.
Clothing designers are like architects, beautifully repackaging the previous guy's beautifully packaged mistake.

I tracked down these across the web, at a homey little spot in China.

EbairSoft Airsoft parts & Tactical Gear - G James made ET style Tactical Denim Pant UNI00157

I will report back...

I'm also checking on the Emerson HL1 'helmet light'. This an airsoft chinese copy of the surefire HL-1 helmet light, sort of... It has 4 regular LED instead of the 5 surefire hi outputs, the 5th has been replaced with a 720X480 helmet cam.

Vids forthcoming!

Good times!
We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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