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Originally Posted by Mr. Hick View Post
Some people (like myself) grew in through paintball with an Autococker. I found the transition from full block to half block to be a little PIA but for some it's simply not do-able. If you learn everything about shooting a paintball gun through one design it is difficult to use another. Nelson's can be a real PIA for me to shoot being that I have shot far more stack tubed Sheridan style guns.
For me it is purely looks. I simply like the look of a full body gun with a beavertail. Also the moving backblock is just so badass.

I have no problem shooting a halfblock gun, I liked the T2 I had, but I love my S6. I actually don't have many problems switching to a Nelson, or even an electro. However my muscle memory and the time I have spent shooting the S6 makes it easier for me, a lot less to think about while playing. SImply point and shoot.
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