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Originally Posted by Listessa View Post
....Finally, listen to your body. If you suddenly start feeling like you are bottoming out or something get out of the game. Take a moment and treat yourself. Games are just games, there will be more time to play.
EXACTLY! ! ! I've got a couple of friends that are diabetic and we do strenuous activities all the time.

It's been my observation that when a sugar low hits during exercise like this that it seems to hit them hard and fast. And if you're in a game running around you may not notice the first symptoms of a rapidly lowering BS amount. So when you DO notice it call yourself out even if it's the start or near the end and go deal with it. You'll have to go off field anyway to remove your mask and have the snack or take the glucose pack anyway. So just call yourself out and go take care of yourself so you can jump back in for the next one.

Of course you know your own reactions best. Just don't try to second guess and delay. If it gets TOO deep before you level it out you'll feel like crud for some time after.

I understand as well that having the snacks early before any symptoms keeps you going better too. So between game snacks would seem like a good idea. After all, you're burning those calories up pretty darn fast in a hectic game. It's easy to use up all your fuel and then the excess of insulin steps up to the plate.
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