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Thank you Bored383.

Here are some picks of the tinkering I done to the pump handle. Tinkering is probably a better word than modding with all this. This stuff pales to a lot of guys here.

I was able to cut the pump arm down with a hacksaw and a mitre box. This material cuts to easy, I was able to concentrate on keeping the cut straight without fighting getting through the material. Each pull took considerable material. A little sanding with 80 to round off the edges and some 320 grit under water made the finish product quickly.

I filled the front well in the pump arm with quick setting epoxy. I poured both parts in a stirred it up in the well. It's about half full. Since I used the factory holes in the Weaver rail, the frontmost bolt was too close to the wall to apply a nut and washer. Alone, that front bolt tightens pretty well in the epoxy. I used 10-24 bolts to insure there was some meat in the pump's threads.

Here is where I felt the 10-24 was really going to come in handy. I tapped a hole drilled in the rear of the pump handle. It is directly below the guide rod for the pump, so a bolt would not be able to be installed here. All in all, there is no way this rail is coming off. It doesn't support a bunch of weight, and the bolts are unlikely to shear from heavy pumping. I'm satisfied.
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