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Pb pads are worthless they are intended for turf not woodsball. Surplus stuff andI volleyball is wwhat I use. The pro of volleyball is it doubles as a knee brace too. The con is its intended to be worn on bare flesh hence the sock like material and knee brace style. It can be a pain to shimmy up your pant leg of you wear it over you pants. And the crimps in the pant material start to chafe after a while. And if you ever need to drop trowel you have to shimmy them back down again. If you wear it under the pant it works fine. But things being things it will start to slide down the over time and now it's difficult to hike it up again. And now it won protect the material of your pants either so expect holes. So while I really like the brace affect I just stick to standard surplus turtle shell pads.

Pads built into pants are convenient but you can replace pads cheaper than pants. You may want to consider that.
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