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Playing in the snow tomorrow in Xenia, OH

Playing in the snow Tomorrow (saturday 29th) at Outback Paintball - Xenia - Local Business | Facebook starting at Noon. There is about 4 actual inches of snow on the ground and supposed to get 2-4 more overnight.

This is more or less an unofficial play day, so there will be no 'refs' as everyone related to the field will be playing, but it will be an awesome day of shootin around. (its bring your own paint, more or less, there might be some extra to be bought, but cannot guarantee it)

Msg me on here or the facepages before tomorrow, or call the number listed on FB.

Just wanted to get the word out incase anyone on here has been dying to play in some good snow, here is your chance. (figured it'd be easier to play with MCB'ers and no ref's than a bunch of renters)

Also, there is a slight possibility of a nice moonlit night game in the snow.

---edit--- Time has been pushed back to noon...we have some late sleepers in our group...

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