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Just a heads up.. The RAM-68 shotguns are based on the FN Police Tactical Shotgun, not the Remington 870. The FN uses a rotating bolt system more similar to a semi-automatic rifle than a pump shotgun. Also, judging by the reciever, trigger group, magazine tube configuration/cap, and forearm, thats an H&R Pardener [which, ironically, IS a copy of the 870].

As far as I know, the RAM-68 is still produced, and retails for $400. Its over-complicated "bolt lock" system baffled most, and it never became popular. Russc on here modified one extensively. Oddly, with everything Rap4 got right on the design, they managed to mess up the forearm and front sight?

Anyway, if you decide to outright sell at a lower price, let me know. I may be intersted.

Also, free bump!

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