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Stock Class question

Let me start by giving you guys the cliche "I searched around and couldn't find anything." Now, via forum rules, you can't hate me if I missed it.

Seriously though,
I have posted threads around about trying out pump. I don't see a ton of pump love in CT, at least not where I frequent. But if I can get the same amount of fun out of the sport at half the cost, COUNT ME IN! Plus, Massachusetts seems to show the variation lots of love.

My question is a simple one (which is why I am sure I must have missed it), I see people talk about stock class a lot when referring to pump markers. I also see them stray away from that term when talking about cocker conversions. Can somebody explain to me the difference or send me an informative link (without too much reading, please! and preferably a font in comic sans, size makes me happy.)

(who the hell signs their forum name with an exclamation point, wtf?)
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