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I discovered a new personal issue a few weekends ago that I need to watch out for. It's been cold and I've been wearing my under Armor cold gear. Anyone whose worn it knows it is aa pretty thick base layer. I over that I wear just a T shirt. I don't have a tax vest I wear just a condor h harness and a duty belt with my tube pouches. Anyway I normally don't wear just a T shirt normally its a sweatshirt over my base later. But throughout sever games in the beginning of the day I had taken a few hits here and there on my elbows and forearms etc. Mostly just the extremes that are hard to tuck. Every time I got shot I would check myself visually and whenever possible with a touch to see if it's a break. It was lightly drizzling that day as well and every time I checked I saw and felt no paint. Well it wasn't long before I realized that with a combination of dampness and my base layer. The under Armor was soaking up the paint instantly with absolutely no residue or anything indicating a break. After that for the rest of the day If I got hit from the bicep down I called myself out just to be safe. No biggie.
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