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Glad to hear the soft eye pipe detents on the NT worked well with the Spire. I don't really like the eye pipe/soft detents but otherwise I love the DAM. Can't wait to rock this loader! The low profile is gonna run so well on my little 09 Alien ND and also my DM8... which have soft detents and double feed sometimes. It's those markers that I really have in mind for this loader but it seems it'll run on anything.

Is there a way to adjust the stack tension? Does it run very much tension?

From the vids I've seen it apparently has no problems ripping through paint. I got an original prophecy when they came out and didn't like it, but now I'm going back to a shot activated loader again after shooting just Rotors for a while. I know I probably coulda taken off tension on my Rotor but I'm looking forward to the reduced weight b/c I've been having issues with my right shoulder lately so I'm gonna try and run my guns as light as possible.
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