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UPS is a joke at my home, they show up anywhere between 9am and 7pm. Usually its when im in the shower or not home so then I have to drive 25 miles to the store to pic it up only to find out it wont be back untill after they close.
The shipping rates are ridiculous too.
To mail an Xbox360 to parts of Ohio cost me $22 but to mail the same xbox360 to California cost me $11. Depends on how far out the home is from the UPS store I guess.
USPS all the way to me, insure it if its over $100 and thats end of story.
I have had a few issues with USPS but I either get my money or my package back.

The delivery man(well actually a women) dropped off a $400 marker to the wrong house one time.
Tracking said it went to my house but it was not there. I went right to the post office talked to the post master and if I didnt get my package I was told the delivery carrier had to pay for it out of pocket. She went to the home after her shift and dropped my stuff off personally.


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