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Last year at the Michigan Monster Game the Paint shot horribly. I didn't hear a single happy person and there is even a video on youtube with a guy freaking out because of the paint yelling "I paid $65 a case for this sh!t!!!??" as he is trying to shoot.

I was not impressed at all last year with their paint and Formula 40 is junk as well. The refs there were telling me about all of the people that they have had to call an ambulance for on the field because they were hit in the throat with formula 40 and it didnt break. One of them told me it actually happened the weekend before the big game. I even watched a fellow red team player shoot a string of paint at a tree, had to have been 20 or so Paintballs...ALL of them bounced off the tree and none broke. Junk paint for sure.

Just checked out their website. It is a bit weird seeing Empire logos all over the place on their site instead of Draxxus/vforce that i've seen since I started going their in 2002.

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