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No walk on's ??

In all my years I have never seen or heard of this policy at a field.Have you??Attendance has been hit and miss at the field for a while.I can understand driving out setting up and no one shows is frustrating.With no advertising exept by word of mouth it's almost an outlaw field.15minutes away is a field that is packed and has to turn away renters on most weekends.All the players there say they never heard of it.It's not on the front page and thats scary.
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Beginning in Oct. 2012 ... We will be operating under... RESERVATIONS ONLY!


The amount of the deposit will be the number of people that you are reserving, times the entry fee of $15 per person.

EXAMPLE: If 6 people will be coming in your group, 6 x $15 = a $90.00 deposit.

If we do not have enough people reserved to open on any Sat. or the last Sun. of each month, we will cancel, and we will not be open that day.

If we cancel, your deposit will be refunded. IF YOU CANCEL, THERE WILL BE NO REFUND.

We look forward to serving you! We appreciate your business!

Thank you, Diane
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