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Talking Field Review: Warped Sportz

Warped Sportz is located in the Castaic lake region just past six flags. I normally play out in that direction but this was my first time playing at Warped. Though you can see the fields from the five, you must exit quite early and take back routes to get there. YOU CAN NOT USE GPS TO GET THERE, it will direct you the wrong way. However, on their web page they explain is detail how to get to the field. The land around Warped Sportz is nothing short of stunning, really beautiful and remote. From the LA area it is a solid 45 minutes drive.
8/10 on location, Would be 10 but the lack of GPS might be an unexpected hazard for First Timers.

Warped Sports rents out Tippmann 98s with VL 200s and 48/3000 tanks. The masks are standard rental grade masks and seem well maintained and clean. My friends who where renting had no complaints the entire day. The refs and staff where very knowledgeable and teched everything from ego 11's to 15$ spyder clones.
10/10 rentals where industry standard and well maintained.

With the rentals they threw in a bag of paint (500 balls of Bonus Balls). Quite simply these where some of the worst paint balls I had ever shot. I had 4 barrel breaks the whole day (shooting the stock azodin barrel which is iffy any way). Though the bore was quite large, good fit in a .690, the balls had numerous dimples and bounced like crazy. I got two bounces from under 20 feet away. However, once I bought the field paint, priced 50$ a case, I noticed a significant increase in consistency. The field paint was some of the best I've ever shot and seemed fresh and dimple free. I will not be buying their paint because I shoot pump and the price for individual bags is crazy, but I am pleased with its quality.
8.5/10 If they had not given me the bag of 500 It would be a 9.5

Warped Sports has a large variety of field tailored to may different styles of play. The fields where clean and well maintained. The field "Hamburger Hill" offered a style of play that was very interesting. Similar to the beaches of Normandy, one side would have to storm up a hill riddled with fox holes and bunkers while the other team defended from a stationary position. Below Hamburger Hill there was a close quarter map that I loved. Since I was a first time pumper I was not very confident over range but in the tight spaces my lower rate of fire not not feel like it hindered my performance. Of the break I got to the 50 and gogged a speed ball player . The field also let me duke it out with players in close quarters. Lastly, the woody brush filed maps where great. Maybe it was because I shot out 8 of the 10 people on the other team (ok ok I surrendered one) and capped the flag, but I felt really at home sneaky through the bush and shooting enemies in the back .
10/10 There was not a field there I didn't like.

40 bucks for walk-ons with gear, guns, masks, all day air, and 500 balls of the sh*tty paint. Nuff said.

Refs where cool and level headed. Kept the games safe and fun. Gave me in game pump coaching and even fixed a broken fitting on my gun for free. the field sold water and snacks for fair prices. You could order pizza from nearby locations and there was a PUPPY hanging about in the staging area. Much love

Not really a quantifiable thing but vibe of a field makes all the difference. The field had a laid back community which eagerly aloud a novice pump player to join the ranks. Field owner was I nice guy who was surprised to find out all the nice things you guys say about him on the internet. When I told him that people had told me he was a nice, no nonsense guy, he chuckled back "well there all lying!". Made new friends and strengthened old bonds.

All in All I loved warped sportz! 9.5/10
Just make sure you
bring your own paint if you don't want to buy cases
don't use gps
high five the refs

I will return to play there asap, It is my new home field.
Apologies in advance for any spelling/grammar errors. I am dyslexic and tired . Just needed to tell every one about my new favorite field.
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