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CNC Mill

Up for sale is my cnc mill/engraver. It has a work area of W300xL400xH80mm as well as a 4th axis (80mm jaw)
It can be used for making shrouds and 3d milling bodies with the 4th axis and doing engraving work. Great for all those custom pb projects, making money doing engraving work or whatever else you can think of using it for.
It was never used because right before it arrived a much larger model was auctioning for cheap and I won it. Has a few cosmetic flaws (some of the covers have very minor dings that don't even show up in pictures, nothing structural)
Price-$900+shipping (shipping should cost between $60-120, for a accurate number pm me your zip)
Edit: Kinda shot myself in the foot by listing it in the wrong section of ebay to get out of a few bucks in fees and with the lack of views it only went up to $900 (I had a reserve) so it's back up for sale here

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