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So I have been doing a lot of research on this subject. Apparently is a common debate between the two, Mini vs G4.

So from what I read so far, the Mini should get some upgrades out of the box and the gun is a bit small. My experience with the G4 has been great out of the box and my daughter loves it. She really has no idea on the internals and I don't let her use any other setting that Semi auto. She said give me something like the G4 or a G4/5. She likes the LOOKS of a particular Mini and I was basing my decision on the looks since I was under the impression that they both are going to perform the same. But from the recommendations here, I should buy a few more items to bring the Mini up a bit. I think for the extra cost of a Mini (the Mini she wants is an ANS exclusive) + the ups, I could get a G4 + a Ifit kit or a freak kit.

Still haven't read on the Etha yet and still waiting on some more inputs.
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