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Originally Posted by NotBrian View Post
OEGs are older tech and had their time. A cheapo red dot is a lot better because the dot is illuminated and you don't lose an eye's worth of vision.

However, the red dot will have parallaxing problems and the OEG will have its own issues.
Personally, I loose less vision using both eyes than when I use one eye through a red dot. Target acquisition is fast with both eyes and elevation can be huge while keeping the target underneath (where you would loose it through a red dot). Either way, don't use any sight if you can't afford the loss of vision at that moment. The nice part about using one on a pistol is that the dot (on either) will usually come up in your vision as you try to put a ball on your opponent, even when you aren't really trying to use it. At that point you can correct your aim, or stick it out because you can see that you are on target but getting unlucky through the trees.

I would have a red dot as an occluded or thru sight (like the daisy) but I always have two issues. One is the coin battery going dead, either from age in the closet or the switch is not all the way off. The second is the contacts in the switches and on the battery. The cheapo contacts get loose and mildly corroded which makes the 3V circuit iffy. I've often had a daisy working before going on field to find it flaking out when I needed it. I've had the same problem with the 30-40 dollar red dots. I have a nice first edition aimpoint, but it is so fat with a skinny field of vision.

What I would really like is one of those tiny red dots like a burris fastfire with a tritium source. If they make one, I probably wouldn't want to pay the price for a paintball sight.

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