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Sure there are things that are missed on such a large field especially during a big game and your correct the field does have room for improvement and changes are being made every day in fact I'll be directing the field management to this thread.

However, if my marker breaks i run out of paint, air or I decide I'm going to shoot at someone with imaginary pistols these things will not remove me from the field no matter how silly. Hells brings in refs from other fields and local teams for big games although they go through a orientation and a rundown of rules, the bottom line is not all refs are created equal In the future if you have issue with any refs ruling at HSI. I recommend having the ref radio in for a ruling each ref is equipped with a radio also be careful not to lose your cool with the ref this will get you removed from the field as fast as a hit. As a secondary measure you can get a refs jersey number and take it up with the head ref in the dead zone he wears Yellow and black stripes.

I believe most of agent smiths feelings for the field come from the weekend open play days. It is a safe and very fun play environment we play mainly the front 1/2 of the field. More often than not having a ref within earshot eager to rundown your kill or to let you know your not quite the shot you think you are.
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