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Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
MCB (and Internet forums in general) are the new "paintball magazine"

And doc, you're right. Even mid nineties I remember feeling like APG intended audience was ONLY first timers and newer players. Great name though. Action Pursuit Games. WAY cooler sounding than "paintball." Just say it to yourself. Paintball.
APG and the other magazines filled a niche that the internet now overflows.
I really liked APG. They had an attitude to promote the sport of paintball on all levels. They allowed writers like me to publish lots of articles on tactics, playing styles, and equipment. I covered a few scenario games for them that were intended to show how much fun they can be for players of all levels. They really did try to reach everyone from the tournament players to the first timers and you can't fault them for that.
The real meat of APG and all the other magazines, was advertising. The gun ads were drooled over by the readers. I always felt I was providing fill for the pages between the ads. But I was very happy to be a contributor and hopefully, people who read the articles during the mid to late 90's found something that either brought them new ideas or just into the sport.
I miss that APG, it was murdered by the internet.
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