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What's your opinion Skype/MSN merger

So i figured I can't be the only person stewing over this. Who else has a strong opinion one way or the other on the Windows Live Messenger/Skype merger? Who else has an opinion on the fact you won't be able to use a standalone WLM client come March 15 but will instead have to merge your msn and skype contacts into one account?

I for one think this is the wrong way to go about it and personally I'll still use messenger but I'm SINCERELY hoping M$ at least integrates a lot of the features from WLM into Skype in the near future. My biggest pet peeve is that I spent time and energy organizing my contacts into groups which once they are imported into Skype are no longer represented. Only saving grace I can see from this is install 1 program for 2 services instead of multiple program installs which I don't mind but I LIKED the OLD WLM interface a lot better.

So what's your opinion MCB?

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