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Originally Posted by Luckless View Post
A fully domesticated fox might be interesting. All the intelligence of a cat, non of the god complex, and will love you like a dog will. What more could be asked of a pet?
That isn't too far off. I have read about some domesticated foxes in Russia right now. Purchasing, getting them imported, and checking to make sure they are legal in your state takes some doing.

I've always wanted a wolf or wolf/dog hybrid. Obviously I moved to the wrong state for that. (They became illegal to own 10 or so years ago.)

More realistically, I wouldn't mind a Carolina Dog or American Dingo, something different. Even a Chinook (if I wanted an unusual sled dog) or a Kooikerhondje (if I wanted a smaller dog) would be cool.

Even more realistically, pending space, I would love to have an obnoxious amount of bunnies. Rabbits of all different varieties. Really small Britannia petites through Flemish or even German Giants.
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