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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
I'm the same way. In large part I'd be going to meet every one and hang out, but I'm not driving 3 hours and losing overtime at work to hardly play.

You can play as much as you want to. The last few times I was there there was always some action somewhere. If it was not at the castle or the fort there were smaller games being played somewhere else on the grounds. I drive 7 (each way) hours for the games and it is worth it as far as I am concerned.

I like to be able to hang out and socialize as well as play a game whenever I want to.
Originally Posted by sugarstump View Post
Is that a LEFT FOOT?!!! WITH THE LEG ALSO???? I'LL TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Even if it is white and not Hawaiian tan colored) :-)

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