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Trying to locate Sniper I and Bolt-Action MacMurray Marauder

So... I've been looking for some markers I sold a while back. I've posted pictures below, anyone know if these are in the hands of MCB owners, or if they've been spotted recently?

MacMurray Marauder bolt-action, it was a home-made design utilizing a Marauder body that had been nickle-plated by Palmers at some point. I sold it on MCB to "Muffcake" in 2008, and I PMd him to inquire:

WGP Sniper I, another one that had been given the 'home' treatment by someone as you can tell by the , it had a left powerfeed (ugh...) but was still pretty fun and loud to shoot. I sold it in 2006 to someone called "Bobboy99" on PBNation and I've PMd him over there:

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