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NEVER BUY AN EVIL VALVE. Worst "upgrade" on the market. Most leak out of the box. Stock valve is fine. Get a Titanium hammer, soft face / or jam bolt (good luck finding one), and if you want a external LPR (not needed). Other then that there is not much you can do internally... externally an SS screw kit is nice, they wont rust like the stock black grub screws will.... also I want to see pics after anno, and who did you send it to? I can't find anyone who will take my money to color my guns...

Things I am always looking for:

Element Angel LCD, Rocky LCD, Rocky Ir3', Eclipse LED, Angel V8, Adrenalin Feather LCD,

Entity, Kapp Flame, Tequila, Tequila Sunrise, Freeflow Lockout, Image Matrix, Freeflow Matrix
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