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Having played around with one for the last few days, we have found some good and some bad

-Mags are cheap and a decent design.
-Grip and foregrip are nice to hold.
-Ergonomics are good.
-Well thought out drop stock.
-Good tool kit/Spares. They are incorporated into a dummy mag.
-The mag well is a separate piece, and looks to be usable in other designs.

-If you try to lock down the follower in the mag and you do not fill it completely, it will crush paint when inserted into the marker.
-If you do not insert the mag in one action, it will eject paint into the mag well and the second attempt to seat the mag will crush said paint.
-We had issues with the marker breaking paint using both hopper and mags.
-Switching between hopper and mag was not as easy as we had wished.
-Very difficult to clean. It requires an almost complete teardown to clean a magazine/breech break.
-If you do not tighten the two piece barrel together, before inserting it into the marker, you may have trouble getting the back out of the marker without removing the shroud.
-The sight brightness is lacking, even in full sunlight.

I am sure I can find a few more for either column, but not right now.


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