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AC Parts, Spring Kit, and Literature

I do not know much about autocockers. A craigslist deal left me with a trove of stuff, and I hope it makes someone happy! All shipping assumes USPS in the US, and you can pm me to combine shipping and save $.

SOLD! I can find no cosmetic or functional problems with the following items. I donít think the parts were fully assembled into a gun or used. They appear to be in newish condition, and may make a great pump project.
All of these parts shipped for $50.
Custom Milled 2k1 RF AC body with barrels and Reg attachment $30 shipped
AC Trigger frame with grip and ASA $30 shipped
Bolt and drop forward $10 shipped

SOLD! AC Valve Tool $10 Shipped

SOLD AC Jewelry for the microline?
First picture is the box these skulls and claws came in. They thread onto microline. $10 shipped

Straight Shot Spring Sets for all Nelson Clones $10 shipped
Appears to be complete.

Remote Lines: $10 shipped for generic, $12 for Ninja or interesting white one.

These catalogues came from a defunct paintball store in Kansas City. They are too new to be vintage but too old to be current. Did you know that a Tippmann Pro Flatline AC was $749.95 List, $579.95 Dealer, and only $550 when ordered in volume? I hope they entertain someone for a few hours or act as a reference. $10 shipped.

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