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Originally Posted by D3adpool View Post
Just trying to get a reference cost with regards to cost and size.
Small imiage both sides of marker
Image 1"sq or smaller $30.00*

Larger image are per sq in. both sides of marker
So basically every extra sq in. will be $30.00+(in. x $15.00)=price*

*All pricing does not include a one time setup fee. they are as followed.
Text is $15.00
Image is $25.00

so if you want image that is 1in sq or smaller itll be 55 with the fee and work we put in.

l xxxxxxxxxxxxxxl l
l xxxxxxxxxxxxxxl l
l xxxxx$55xxxxx l 1"
l xxxxxxxxxxxxxxl l
l xxxxxxxxxxxxxxl l
l_____________l l

anything larger than 1in sq adds $15 per sq inch you add

so basically the base price will is 55 for a square inch image and then add 15 for every square inch you want to go above the intial 1in square.
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