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We play backyard ball at my inlaws a few times a year. Usually about 10 folks, and we've never had any problems past a little heated tempers coming off the field. And these always desolve after a few minutes of ribbing and banter I hesitate to call it outlaw, because the outlaw group in our area plays where they do not have permision and does not chrono. So I like to keep the distinction.

But this brings me to my next point...

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Outlaw ball >> commercial*, **

** once the dbags get run off from all the private fields, where do you think they go?
The group I mentioned above certainly does not go to commercial fields. They don't want to pay to play, and they won't chrono their guns. Of all the d-bags I've encountered while playing, its these types I find are the worst ambassadors of the sport. And you won't find them at a commercial field.

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